Folk punk? Artist of the Hour: Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau, Sept. 2008

Paul Baribeau, Sept. 2008

Now, being that I owe wordpress for providing this space, I feel I owe it to the site and to my readers to actually send you to another wordpress blog for a change. While this may seem like a deviation from my “toolbox” idea of providing you with my music “supplier” sites, Backseatsandbar’s site actually has free music downloads on it too-rejoice!

Today’s post brings me to one of my most recent lyrical crushes in the form of Paul Baribeau, accessible via

On Backseat’s site, as well as on Paul’s myspace page and several other music blogs, the word “folk” is repeatedly tossed up to describe Baribeau’s sound. While it often comes in conjunction with some other genre related term (“folk punk,” folk rock,” “folk pop,” and “folky acoustic” being just a few of the ones that came up), I believe that all of these many instances mean that I can rightfully label him “folk rock” and move on. I’m not the only one on wordpress unwillingness to peg him as a specific genre either…
Christy Hulsey is also a wordpress user, and has, like me, taken a shine to Baribeau’s lyrics on “Strawberry.” also mentions not putting him in a category, albeit for slightly different reasons… you can access her happy little write-up, with the lyrics for “Strawberry” posted at

If you prowl YouTube, you’ll find a small collection of summer outdoor shows and a number of dim indoor “shows” that seem to have been recorded on a hand-held camcorder in a couple different dorm rooms. The best rendition of “Ten Things” (my “inspirational” song of the month) can be viewed at].


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