13 Songs about Traveling and Home

A backroad can take you home or to somewhere new!

A backroad can take you home or to somewhere new!

As promised, here are 13 more or less “unsung” folk rock gems about traveling, heading home, looking for a place you can call your own, or trying to share a space with someone you care about…
all of them are accessible either through the iLike application *check the earlier posts for the what and hows of this Facebook goody* or through any number of streaming sites (my personal favorite is www.seeqpod.com). I have found free copies of all of them on the web before, but am unsure whether they are all still up and downloadable. You’ll just have to try your hand at it and see what works.

David Hopkins-“Jackson”
(“Don’t go to Jackson/I’ll make it worth it…I know that I barely know ya/but I want to be where you are”)

Kevin Bilchik-“Long Ride”
(“Take me for a long ride/I don’t want to get off…as long as there’s wheels on this black truck/we can still drive around”)

The One A.M. Radio -“Sioux Falls” cover (originally done by Golden Birds)
(“No use the map pocked with coffee stains /Crumpled in my lap all that still remains/Of the course which yesterday seemed to funnel the very air/Straight through Sioux Falls”)

Josh Ritter-“Idaho”      
(“Packs of dogs and cigarettes/For those who ain’t done packing yet/My clothes are packed and I want to go/Idaho oh Idaho”)

Damien Jurado-“Texas to Ohio”     
(“from Texas to Ohio is too long a walk/even if it’s with someone you love”)

Hem-“He Came to Meet Me”     
(“we walked for half the day/got lost in my neighborhood/came back another way/just like I knew we would”)

Joshua Radin-“Star Mile”
(And if you burn the road/ That’ll lead you back to her in time… You watch the stars fade
They gather you back to their home”)

M. Ward-“To Go Home”     
(“Sailing on a sinking ship/Into the sunset and back/Dark night on a long highway…I go home”)

Stymieblue-“Coming Home”
(“I’m coming home/my bags are packed and I done wrote my last song…rest assured I’m coming home”)

Great Lake Swimmers-“Where in the World Are You”     
(“I’ve been looking in churches and looking in bars/Thought that I saw you in the oncoming cars…Where in the world are you now?/Oh where in the world are you?”)

J. Tillman-“Seven States Across”
(“There are seven states across/I’ll never seen the ending of while I am young…Now, the home that we live in/is a tree with broken limbs”)

Backyard Tire Fire-“The Places We Lived”      
(“I don’t know who lives there now/but I sure know we did/ain’t it strange how we forget sometimes/ the places we once lived?”)

Rocky Votolato-“Montana”                                   
(“There’s nowhere I’d rather be than on my way home to you tonight driving north on 35… maybe Memphis TN, maybe New Orleans maybe Arizona, I guess we’ll see”)

 Also, as an aside to the above list, J. Tillman is one of the artists I plan to share with you soon…the label he is on, Yerbird, released a worthwhile lil compilation in 2007 that is still worth a listen as well, entitled “Folk Music for the End of the World.” You can stream the tracks and read the mini- bios  at  http://yerbird.com/comp/index.html


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