Artist of the Hour: Great Lake Swimmers

I’ve been good thus far in not going overboard in singing the praises of Canada’s Great Lake Swimmers, but with the mention of Jason Bajada and the hints and name-dropping that I’ve done before, along with the release of their newest album, Lost Channels, I feel it’s time to honor them with their own post. Released on March 31st, Lost Channels is the band’s fourth major release following their self-titled album, Bodies and Minds (both released in ’05), and 2007’s Ongiara. However, it’s more like their seventh if you count their live album from ’05, their Hands in the Dirty Ground EP, and View from the Floor.

Riding the Folk Rock Wave-The Great Lake Swimmers

Riding the Folk Rock Wave-The Great Lake Swimmers

Having come together in the early 2000’s like many of the other now-popular indie bands from Canada (see the Bajada post), the Great Lake Swimmers have kept a pretty low profile, even as they have grown more popular. Ask the average individual, and they won’t have heard of the group, but the online community has embraced them and supported their continued spread, which is especially apparent now since “everyone” seems to be picking up what the Swimmers are putting down–just look up Lost Channels and you will be amazed at how well-covered this release is…both NPR and the BBC covered ’em, as have several print sources (including in Filter and Paste Magazine) and on all my favorite websites and blogs, from’s “listening party” prior to release, to’s   ” ‘Gum drop” review of  “Pulling on a Line,” (the album’s first single) and You Ain’t No Picasso’s freebie release of “Everything is Moving So Fast”.  So go ahead, look into Tony Dekker and the Great Lake Swimmers…you may just find yourself “part of a large family” of fans…


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