In Finding Poems–

He asks, “Where do we begin?”
In his notes, he writes in place of an “a” an “e”,
and I say, “not college, not yet,
you know that comes at the end.”

But even before he sits
with his scissors
his fingers are riddled
with cut-out questions
that dangle like fish hooks
waiting for the satisfying tug
of the loose ends in his head
to become a net instead
to make sense of this shimmering school
of thought,

In a book of facts, he finds a section
delighted each line can end in a question
just like the ones he has etched within
a poem that will answer as today’s lesson
yet not lessen his quest for information
because he asks, “When can we do this again?”

Today, he finds in a book of facts, a poem,
and I find a poem in him.


Blood in the pages

I found blood in the pages
of a soft-cover on the floor
poems of love, translated
from a shelf in a secondhand store

In a soft-cover on the floor
its dried rose-petal paper
from a shelf in a secondhand store
dog-eared by love’s labor

Its dried rose-petal paper
secret-seeped the words, the creases
dog-eared by love’s labor
our abandoned masterpieces

Secrets seeped in the words, the creases
in love, poems translated
our abandoned masterpieces
there’s always blood in the pages

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